Friday, January 21, 2011

I've often dreamt about being my own boss. I was laid off July 31st of 2010, since that day I've been working out of my home garage trying to make parts to help others make their bikes cooler or more like they envision them to be. One thing I've learned is that being the big boss isn't all that easy. Finding the drive/motivation to get going each day is actually as tough as going to work for someone else. It's very easy to become lazy, complacent and even overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. I've often been told that one of my biggest flaws is that I'm "generous to a fault", that being said, I'm starting to see that in myself. I tend to give my time away as if it isn't worth anything. I'm all about helping people, my friends, and sometimes even people I've just met. I've been ridiculed for this characteristic, and have even been told I should change my ways, but the truth is I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do that. Helping people helps me, period. I've met more people in my life than I can remember, but the best part of it to me is that I can honestly say that most of those I've met are still my friends. Long distance friends some of them, but friends nonetheless. In the future I think I'm going to live life the way I have been, maybe try to become a little more efficient at it, but still the same basic principles. So, if I'm doing something for you, trying to help you out in some way,shape or form, just remember that I often spread myself too thin and I will get it done, just maybe a little slower than someone else would have. Like it or not, that's who I am.

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